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Production of the KSFBOA Series Obama Model Plane

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About US is owned entirely by a Jacksonville, FL based custom-model-planes manufacturing company. At the current moment, is the only place in the world you can obtain the Barack Obama Resin model plane series KSFBOA. This product was created with the intention of providing something totally unique to all those who want to hold on to the delightful memory of the inspiring Obama campaign.

Please note that only 100 pieces of the KSFBOA series will be manufactured. Ten (10) of those will be gifts to key individuals in the Obama Campaign. So, only 90 will be made available to the general public. Order yours today while supplies last.

Production of the KSFBO Series Model Plane

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The inaugural series for the Barack Obama Campaign plane is the KSFBOA series which is a beautifully handmade authentic Boeing 757 Resin Model Airplane. This product is made entirely by hand, from the hand crafting of the fuselage, wings and tail section - to the sanding of the aircraft's contours. Every part of this series Resin Model Airplane is assembled precisely into place using the highest quality materials available. After shaping and sanding, the model passes through several stages of priming and sanding before the Resin Model Airplane is hand painted to duplicate the actual colors of the Barack Obama campaign plane. This Resin Model Airplane comes with a unique number on the base stand ready for display.
The steps involved in the production of this model plane are as follows:-

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Our skilled carvers using only hand tools carve and shape the model cast which is used to create the models. This is a very crucial step because all the necessary details have to be the exact size and shape. This is a specialist art which requires many years of experience. Our carvers work from actual aircraft drawing ensuring that the final carved body is an exact scale replica of the original aircraft.

Once the model has been carved and the models have been created, several coats of putty are applied to create a very smooth, flawless finish prior to painting. Varnish is a finish applied to the resin surface in order to provide a clear, hard, durable, protective finish. The varnish is usually a combination of a drying oil, a resin and a thinner or solvent. As opposed to regular paint, which contains pigment, and is opaque, varnish has little or no color, and is transparent. After application the varnish hardens either by evaporation of a solvent, or by a chemical reaction. Oil varnish drying time depends on the ratios of oil to resin and turpentine and may be sped up by exposure to UV light.

Color schemes are applied by hand or air brush, following detailed pictures of the Barack Obama campaign plane. To ensure the best color match to the actual aircraft we are modeling we normally use a Pantone color reference. The paint is a high quality acrylic type which enables us to give a very high quality custom finish that you would immediately associate with the actual Barack Obama campaign plane.
After carefully painting the aircraft body and wings the artist then finely paints the intricate detail of the aircraft in the areas of the flight control surfaces, doors, windows and cargo hatches, engine cowlings, undercarriage and very importantly the very prominent “tail fin” or empennage of the aircraft. No detail is spared, even the inside of the engine cowlings are carefully finished and are complemented by authentic looking, in the case of jet engines, fan blades.
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Throughout the process and on completion the each model is carefully checked, by our Quality Assurance specialists, to ensure the model is finished to the specification, of the highest quality.
Our Quality Assurance (QA) system covers all activities from design, development, production, and shipping. The QA system includes the regulation of the quality of raw materials, assemblies, products and components; services related to production; and management, production, and inspection processes.The model airplanes that are being produced are properly enclosed in the package and are protected from damage caused by physical force, rain, heat, sunlight, cold, pressure, airborne contamination, and automated handling devices.

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