Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Boeing 757 Plane

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Barack Obama’s current campaign plane is a Boeing 757. This is the plane that Obamaplane.com has ventured out to produce an exact replica of. The purpose of this unique creation is to give people something they can cherish for many years to come.
The Boeing 757 is a quite interesting plane in several aspects. The history of the plane dates back over two decades and three distinct models of the plane were made. The Boeing 757 serves multiple functions in service.
It was first produced in 1983 and was in production through October 24, 2004. It was built to be a transcontinental airliner. The Boeing 757 was the first American built plane with engines produced outside the United States. The Boeing 757 was produced to replace the aging 727; however, the 757 is bigger and could fly further than the 727. Many people in the industry viewed the 757 as too much plane to replace the 727. Boeing designed new versions of the 757 to satisfy the naysayers.

Boeing created the smaller 757-200 to better serve the market; however, the plane was too heavy in comparison with the original 757. So, Boeing went back to the drawing board and created the Boeing 757-300 which is the plane most of us know as the Boeing 757. It is a longer plane than the original with a larger passenger capacity. Eventually, due to market demand and changing technology the Boeing 757 was eventually phased out. Boeing created the Boeing 737-900ER to replace the 757.

The Boeing 757 is still in service today. United States, New Zealand, Mexico, Saudi Arabia and Argentina governments have equipped the 757 to transport government officials. Many third world countries are starting to use the Boeing 757 to replace their aging aircrafts. The Boeing 757 history spans over two decades and counting. It is truly an attest to modern air travel.

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